How can I clean the glasses? Can I use ultrasonic cleaning?

As this product contains electronic components, it is recommended that you use a dry glasses cloth to wipe the glasses. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning because it could damage the built-in microphones.

Where is the operation area for the tap / double-tap feature?

You can tap you anywhere on the frames or temples for the features.

Can the frame temples be heated and bent?

No. The frame temples of this smart eyewear product contain electronic components which could be damaged if the glasses are heated or bent, thus resulting in the product malfunctioning. However, you can bend a bit the end tips as it is adjustable for your head fit.

What should I do if my Solos glasses are uncomfortable to wear or feel too tight?

It is advised that you take your Solos glasses to an authorized Solos’ partnered optical shops for adjustment. If you are taking the glasses to an unauthorized repair center, do not allow your glasses to be heated up or bent, as this could damage the electronic functions.

Can the lenses be removed?

Yes, the lenses can be removed. If you need to remove your lenses to replace with another lenses, we advise you to do it at our partnered optical shops.

Do I have a prescription lens option for my Solos AirGo™ smart glasses?

For the prescription lens, you can take your Solos AirGo™ smart glasses to any optical eyewear shops to get your own prescription lenses because our frames are interchangeable.