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Solos® is originated from Kopin Corporation, a leading provider of wearable computing headsets solutions for the U.S. military and enterprises. Solos®, comprised of a group of experienced engineers and eyewear architects, is expertise in innovating smart glasses with over 30 patents. Solos® is dedicated to everyday smart glasses, providing comfy experience with the patented Whisper™ Audio Technology for superb noise cancellation and audio quality.

Our Mission

To innovate glasses to be smart, comfy and cool.

Technology & Application

Solos® is dedicated to design smart glasses to everyone, providing comfy and smart experience for the mass. Equipped with sophisticated technologies, we excel in having more than 30 technology patents in which some are integrated into our smart glasses.

Whisper™ Audio Technology is one of our distinctive features built into the AirGo™ smart glasses, providing the users with superb clear voice communication even under a noisy environment. In audio aspect, our proprietary directional stereo speaker designs are executed for high quality surround audio playback experience.

Our smart glasses are ergonomically designed, lightweight and flexible, allowing users to change frames from a versatile selection and making our smart glasses be your perfect all-day-long companion. Our 9-axis motion sensing is also the strength of Solos®, tracking users’ movement for Posture Reminder, Gesture Control, and Location tracking etc.

We also specialize in app development, especially for our smart glasses.

Well Protected by Over 30 Patents

Solos® is expertise in innovating eyewear with over 30 patents and dedicated to designing smart eyewear to everyone, providing comfy experience with the patented WhisperTM Audio Technology for superb noise cancellation and audio quality.

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