$500 AR Smart Glasses Improve Athletes’ Workouts With Virtual Display And Voice Activation

$500 AR Smart Glasses Improve Athletes’ Workouts With Virtual Display And Voice Activation

The first pair of AR smart glasses made especially for fitness fanatics have finally gone on sale, allowing joggers, cyclists, and triathletes to train without the distraction of a physical device screen.

Made by Kopin, the Solos AR smart glasses are designed to “inform and inspire” athletes and fitness fanatics alike, helping them to smash their full potential when out and about.

The Solos AR specs give users the freedom to use a fitness dashboard without interrupting their... [+] vision

Costing $500, they don’t come cheap, but it’s the first time that a manufacturer has been able to bring this technology to market.

First shown off at CES in Las Vegas in January this year, the Solos smart glasses are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches and include integrated music, group communication, interchangeable lenses, and an adjustable nose piece for added customization.

Solos said the glasses were made for cyclists, triathletes, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts and is why the system features critical assistance, such as turn-by-turn route directions, as well as information meant to keep an athlete focused and aware. The glasses remove the need to look down, breaking stride and losing focus, and allows users get the data they need right when they need it through a heads-up Pupil display.

This is perhaps the device’s most unique feature. The Pupil display is said to enable see-through and see-around vision while casting a large virtual screen that features bright, high-resolution, full-color graphics. This display measures less than 4mm in height, the size of a human pupil, and the screen provides the user with a sunlight-readable image to maximize visual clarity and provide a safe experience.

Source: Forbe